Говинда Радхе Говинда Радхе

E                       F#E   D      F#E   D    G            F#  E    D  B    F#   E
Govinda Radhe Go – vinda Ra – dhe Govinda Go-vin-da Go-pala Radhe
B                            AG F#  E  F#           G            F#  E    D  B   F#   E
Govinda Madhava Go-vin-da Keshava Govinda Go-vin-da Go-pala Radhe


Говинда Радхе Говинда Радхе — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for the wonderful kirtan lesson on Govinda Radhe. It is most beautiful and blissful. I have been listening nearly everyday now. Thanks again.

  2. As a bigginer in playing harmonium,this notations will help me a lot. I have lost my job recently,so this will keep me busy and take my mind towards god. will u email me lessons? thanku mahesh

    • Hi Mahesh
      If you subscribe to the youtube channel you’ll get an email notification each time a new lesson is uploaded

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