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Джей Амбе Джагадамбе — 6 Comments

  1. Хари ОМ!
    Много благодаря за тази вдъхновяваща възможност да науча още един, толкова силен киртан от разтояние. 🙂
    Чакам следващи постинги с нетърпение.


  2. Thank You for your very beautiful bajans. I have just come back from a fantastic ashram where many many bajans are sung daily and Jai Ambe was one of the most popular but after the line Uma Ramaa Bhramani Jai Jai there was another line in the same melody of Uma Ramaa Sarvani Jai Jai Radhe Rukmani Sita Jai jai. Please look up about this very powerful Ashram as I think you may wish to visit and bring your harmonium with you, it is in south wales in United Kingdom and is called Skanda Vale, you can google it.

  3. Шабдамурти, започвам да се уча по твоите уроци. Поздрави. Гамбир

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